Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hello hello semua.

Ehem *cough*
Spider webs and dusts are everywhere in my blog. haha
It takes a loooooooooooooooooooooooong period for me to update my blog and share a new entry.
Such a busy life I had and its the most challenging phase of my life, so far.
I couldn't think of any kind for me to face in future. pheww!
Less than 6 months before I finish my study. 
Tak sabar tak sabar.

Only Allah knows (better).

Oh by the way, today is the 2nd of Jan. Cepat betul masa berlalu meninggalkan kita.
Umur kita semakin bertambah. All those wrinkles getting obvious on our faces :(

I should or must be more matured enough kan?

Humphhh.What's more to write?
Currently, still feel quite awkward to write it here (after quite sometime) but....

Okey lah.
Just want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!
Have a blast and bless day ahead, InsyaAllah.

My new year's resolution?

Nah. Here are my resolutions.
It may sound simple but yet, meaningful for my self.

1. Become a better man, a better son to my parent, a better brother to sisters, a better student to my guru, a better friend.
2. Become a better Muslim.

Basically, those are my daily resolutions and I will stick to them.

Till here. Thank you.

: )



Assalamualaikum wbt.

What's up guys? Apa cer?
Lama sangat dah tak update blog kesayangan ramai ni. hehe
I'm too busy (lalat pun tak se-busy itu) with campus life and few other commitments. Well you know.
Today's weather looking so nice. Perhaps will have some physical exercises this evening. InsyaAllah.

Since the last update on my blog's anni, saya memang dah agak lepas tu memang tak dapat nak update blog seperti kebiasaan.
And yes, it happened. T_T
Seriously tak nak lah jangka hidup blog ni singkat. Kalau boleh selagi nyawa dikandung badan.
Betul tak??

Alright, saya pun dah masuk semester 6 dekat UTM Skudai ni. InsyaAllah, at the end of this semester I will go for Industrial Training for 3 months. 3 months? Yup.
Currently, I still looking for any place that available and suitable with my course. Harap-harap ada yang sudi.
Cuma tiba-tiba terfikir yang masa praktikal tu pasti mencabar sebab time tu around bulan Ramadan plus, it will become my first time to become an officer. Allahuakbar. Tak tahu lah nanti macam mana.
May Allah ease that for me.

Yet, this semester is another quite challenging semester dengan subjek-subjek yang sangat GIS.
Last semester is quite good but still have to improved (a lot). Habis lah kalau time praktikal pun masih tak tahu lagi GIS tu apa. Macam mana nak kerja nanti kan?
Tapi, saya yakin saya boleh!
Doa-doakan yang baik untuk saya ya : )

To all my classmates yang membaca atau ter-stalk (haha), wishing all of you THE BEST OF LUCK!

Nantikan entri blog yang seterusnya.
Kalau rindu boleh lah usha-usha entri yang lama-lama yang dulu-dulu ok.
Free to read. Just need a brain to think about.

Alright. See you soon, InsyaAllah.



Thousands of thanks to all followers and supporters (family, friends).

Keep supporting this awe blog.
InsyaAllah, with all your support, this blog will stay update with new hot story.

: )

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